🪂Airdrop a Badge

Install the contracts

npm -i @otterspace-xyz/otterspace-contracts

Call the airdrop function on the contracts to mint an non-consented Badge

import { Contract, Signer } from 'ethers'
import Badges from '@otterspace-xyz/contracts/out/Badges.sol/Badges.json' assert { type: 'json' }

const BADGES_CONTRACT_ADDRESS = '0x7F9279B24D1c36Fa3E517041fdb4E8788dc63D25'

const mintBadge = async (
    toAddress: string,
		fromAddress: Signer,
    badgeSpecURI: string
): Promise<ContractCallResult> => {
    const contract = new Contract(BADGES_CONTRACT_ADDRESS, Badges.abi, fromAddress)
    const doAirdrop = contract['airdrop']
    return await doAirdrop([toAddress], badgeSpecURI)

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