for token gating

With Guild, you can use your Badges to distribute permissions in Discord channels, Telegram groups, GitHub repos, and Google Docs. 🔑

Guild allows you to build complex logic around which tokens members have to hold in order to access spaces and resources across the apps mentioned above. You can create and / or logic to include multiple tokens in your gate.

Adding a Badge to a token-gate on Guild

If Guild is already set up and you want to add a Badge to the token-gate, simply edit the role and select ‘Otterspace’ from the list of integrations.

This will open a drop-down list where you can search and choose the Badge you want to use in the token-gate. If a holder has an expired Badge, it will be ignored.

Setting up Guild for the first time

Guild works by setting requirements to get roles, which have rewards attached to them. A requirement might be “has the Core Contributor Badge” a role might be “Core Contributor” and a reward might be “gets access to the Discord role ‘core_team’”.

First, set up your community and roles, then attach Badge requirements to the roles (see above). Finally, select which rewards are associated with each role.

Guild has a great explanation here.

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