Using with Gnosis Safe

As part of setting up your community in Otterspace, you’ll mint a Raft Token, which is a transferable NFT that you can think of as the admin ‘key’ to Otterspace.

The wallet holding the Raft Token is the admin of the community on Otterspace, and can take actions like creating a new Badge spec and issuing Badge vouchers to community members. Because this NFT is transferable, you can move it to different wallets depending on your community’s current needs.

Holding your Raft Token in a multisig vs. EOA

If you have one community manager who is going to be managing Badges, it might be easiest for them to hold the Raft Token in a wallet they control. This is likely to be the easiest (but not very decentralized) way to manage Badges.

Alternatively, you can hold the Raft Token in a multisig wallet like a Gnosis Safe. This is a less centralized alternative, as a Gnosis Safe can act as a shared wallet for the community.

If you choose to use a Gnosis Safe for holding your Raft Token, we highly recommend enabling a 1 of n signing policy, meaning that individual signers can take actions without requiring approval from a second signer. If you have a policy requiring multiple signers, you will need to wait for approval every time you create a new Badge spec or add a member to an allowlist to a Badge.

💡The Otterspace app is not yet optimized for waiting for multiple signatures. If you do want to use a Safe with this policy, make sure to collect signatures while you keep the app open in your browser.

Keep in mind that the Raft Token is on Optimism, so you will likely need a new Gnosis Safe anyway - you won’t need to change the policy on your treasury multisig.

💡Gnosis Safe is a smart contract wallet, which means that even signatures will cost gas. Keep in mind that you will need funds on both your Safe and your signing wallet to complete transactions. Costs are low on Optimism, but you will have to bridge a few dollars to be able to use the app.>

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