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Intro to Otterspace

What is Otterspace?
The Otterspace Protocol is a flexible and composable platform for building with non-transferable NFTs, which we call 'badges'. Badges are a status and reputation primitive used throughout communities, social applications, marketplaces, and media to represent achievements, skills, experience, roles, trustworthiness, and more. Badges are already an established concept in Web2, but why bring them on-chain?
Not-transferable tokens
We believe that primitives such as identity and reputation should not be sold to the highest bidder and are something that should be earned. Non-transferable tokens or Soulbound token standards are most well suited for this. Our protocol implement EIP-4973, the specification for Account Bound Token, for which we're an active contributor as well.
The benefits of on-chain Badges
By bringing badges on-chain, builders can benefit from Web3 composability. Existing integrations enable Badges to be used as token gates for Discord and Telegram, as well as in governance applications like Snapshot. Users' memberships, roles, status, and achievements become platformless, instead of being stuck in a specific application. While Web2 applications maintain user Badges in a centralized database, Web3 enables internet users to own their status and reputation and take it with them across experiences.
Why build with Otterspace?
We're building the Otterspace Protocol to solve all the core challenges related to issuing, interpreting, holding, and managing reputation primitives on-chain, so developers can focus on application-specific experiences. The Otterspace Protocol includes open-source contracts for direct integrations, as well as an API and no-code interface for ease of use.
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